About the Project

EMERGREEN is creating greener communities in remote areas by sharing new innovative models for participative, user-centred, quality and sustainable public services.

Six partners from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland, and Faroe Islands are working together with the goal of strengthening greener communities through the use of new emerging technologies to create more sustainable public services in remote areas. We are tackling the common territorial challenge of how to deliver quality and sustainable public services in remote areas, overcoming factors such as long distances, high service delivery costs due to low demand aggregation, shortages in human and material resources and lack of access to latest innovations.

EMERGREEN addresses these challenges with an open innovation approach, involving the relevant stakeholders and piloting services in the five participating regions. The specific services are: 1) Zero Waste Circular Management Service in Derry and Strabane, Northern Ireland, 2) Green growth advisory services in Vàˆsternorrland, Sweden, 3) Marine Coastal Erosion Service in Donegal, Ireland, 4) Intelligent green participation in the City of Mikkeli, Finland, and 5) Data storytelling about green energies in Faroe Islands. These services are oriented to changing the behaviour of citizens and business to enable greener communities.


Faroe Islands



EMERGREEN services are helping to build resilient communities!

Emergreen in Numbers
Green growth public services piloted
Year Project (2018-2021)
Partners from 5 Northern Periphery and Arctic regions
€ 1.6 M

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