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Donegal County Council & Donegal, Republic of Ireland


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Coastal Erosion Monitoring


Data Storytelling


Citizen Science





Technical Resources

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During the chatbot development process lots of data was collected and created.
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Benefits of the Service

More efficient customer service

To engage public participation as ‘Citizen Scientists’ in the field of marine coastal erosion mapping through crowd-sourcing imagery. Findings from this study will help to control and manage coastal erosion to help with the coast-line development. These captured images will be used to monitor the coastal zone fluctuations and changes over time and will form a valuable resource as a baseline for any climate adaptation mitigation measures.

Better use of internal resources

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Increased engagement with specific members of the public

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Address Sustainability and Climate Change Issues

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Targeted Groups

Our service is citizen centred. Citizens will be engaged in learning about the challenges with regards to Coastal Dynamics and can view how their input has contributed to the coastal story via our intuitive website interface. The photographic outputs which will be collated from the public will be used by coastal management professionals to supplement their evidence base on coastal monitoring.

Marketing and Promotion

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Development and Implementation Process

Development Process

Following a Coastal Erosion Risk Management study that was commissioned by Donegal County Council and funded by the OPW, five sites had been examined in detail including our pilot site at Five Fingers Strand. The recommendations of the report highlighted the need for ongoing monitoring of each of the five sites studied.

Donegal County Council’s Information Systems and Environment section had teamed up with partners at the National University of Ireland, Galway to develop a Mobile app. that could be downloaded and used by the public to capture events from a static, fixed plinth view of the coastline which is orientated at key viewpoints. A community group was engaged in order to undertake extensive testing of the app and this was used in order to promote the app to the public.

Technical Requirements

App development and deployment to both Android and Apple stores.

Technology Used

A mobile app service.

Challenges and Recommendations

Due to the nature of the project, we had issues relating to land ownership for the fixed plinth location at the pilot site. These were quickly overcome and another, less preferable site was obtained. We have determined that for other prospective sites that a formal landowner agreement should be obtained prior to any works at the location or progression with the service.

Lessons Learnt

As above, we have learned the importance of gaining formal agreement with any landowner before the commencement of works at any prospective site.

As the project progresses, we may have other engagement protocols which will be addressed differently and these will be recorded accordingly.